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NJ Gaming Review provides you with everything you need to know about sports and sports betting. We have honest, in-depth reviews for online sportsbooks in New Jersey that include information on bonuses and promotions so it is easy for you to evaluate your options and select your best New Jersey Online Sportsbook for you. We also cover news and updates to make sure you can make a well-informed decision on where you should place your online sports wagers.

In May 2018, the Supreme Court concluded that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was unconstitutional. Striking down this act led the NJ governor, Philip Murphy, to sign a sports betting act called the Sports Wagering Law in June 2018, and he placed the first legal bet a few days later. Since the signing of the law, many sportsbooks have been launched in the state of NJ.

Legal NJ online sportsbooks are licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, making them 100% legal, safe, and secure for those wanting to bet on sports. The gaming regulator also oversees the online casino sites in New Jersey and the NJ online poker rooms too.

Types of Online Sports Betting Bonuses Available in New Jersey

There is no shortage of sports betting websites in New Jersey, so sportsbooks try many methods to get players to choose their site. Many of these companies will offer generous sign-up bonuses and frequent promotions to users. Some of the most popular NJ Online Sports Betting Bonuses you can find are:

Deposit Bonus

This is a standard bonus that sportsbooks will offer. A company will usually match your first deposit up to a certain amount. Then you will have to meet specific requirements for you to be able to withdraw the funds.

Risk-free Bets

After creating an account, some sports betting sites will allow you to make your first bet risk-free. Meaning if you lose the wager, you will get the amount of your stake back in freeplay credits. These credits must be used at the site that issued them, and there is a maximum limit on how much you can get back.

Free Bets

Sportsbooks offer this generous promotion to their users up to a certain amount of money to make bets. For new players, you will need to make your first deposit and make a bet before you receive your free bets. Existing players, however, can get free bets through sports-specific promotions.

Insurance on Parlays

Parlays are some of the riskiest bets users can make. Users could win big prizes; however, a wrong pick can lead to losing a lot of money. That is why New Jersey Online Sportsbooks started offering parlay insurance to get more players to make parlay bets. This insurance will give you a small refund if you lose one part of your parlay bet.

Refer a Friend

This promotion is what it sounds like; you get a reward for getting your friends to sign up for a sportsbook. You could win hundreds to thousands of dollars to start making bets. Some of the best sports betting sites will also give the friend you referred a bonus and the existing welcome bonus for new customers.

Boosted Payouts

Many sportsbooks offer considerable odds, which are also called odds boosts. These sports betting sites increase payouts on bets for specific sports and are among the most popular promotions at sportsbooks. In addition, many NJ sites are working on adding boosted payouts to more sports to make things more interesting.

What Sports You Can Bet On in New Jersey

In NJ, it is legal to bet on professional, international, and collegiate sports events as well as on e-sports. To bet on sports legally, you need to be over the age of 21, within the state of NJ, and not currently on a self-exclusion list. However, there are no restrictions on being a resident of NJ, but there are some restrictions when making bets:

  • Bettors can only make bets on college teams and events, not from an in-state school or within the state.
  • Sports league personnel such as coaches and officials cannot bet on the sport they are working in.
  • Betting on elections, high school sports, and any sport or event where the players are minors is not allowed.

The Best New Jersey Online Sports Betting Apps have an extensive menu of bet types, sports leagues, and sporting events users can bet on. The markets available to players include the major North American sports such as NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. There are also individual events in sports like motorsports, golf, boxing, and mixed martial arts. If you like making wagers on different types of events and unique bets, you will have to follow all the restrictions set out in the law.

Types of Sports Bets Available in New Jersey

In NJ, not only can bettors make wagers on several sports markets, you can also choose from several different bet types. Some of the bets you can make at sportsbooks are point spread, parlays, money lines, propositions, over/under point totals, teasers, and futures bets. In addition, for some major sports events, in-play betting is also available. The best sports betting sites offer the following basic bet types, and you can edit your wagers after you place them. Here is a brief overview of some of the betting types you can make:

Straight Bets

  • Money Line: These are a standard bet type where players choose whom they think will win the game or event; either the underdog or the favorite.
  • Point Spread: In this bet, the team you are betting on must either win or lose by a certain amount of points for you to win the wager.
  • Totals: The sportsbook you sign up for will set the bar for how many points a team will score during a game. A player will then decide if they think the total points scored will be over or under the set amount.


In this bet type, players are betting on situations that occur during a game that has not happened yet, such as who will win the next major sporting event like the Stanley Cup.


This bet type is one of the riskiest you can make. Making a parlay bet is when you combine two or more small bets into a single chance, leading to big wins or significant losses.

  • Round Robins: This type of bet is when you make multiple small parlays from a previously selected list of teams you choose. Round robins are easy to make, and you can set several of these bets at once.

Live In-Game Betting

This wager is also called in-play betting. You can make this type of bet live as a sports event plays out, and the odds are adjusted in real-time using a computer algorithm.


Sportsbooks allow players to change their point spread bet in a certain amount of time with decreased odds; this is called a teaser. This bet is most often made as a parlay, and all bets within the wager will have a decreased payout amount.

Prop Bets

These bets are available in all betting markets on NJ sports betting sites; they are bets made on actions taken during the game that do not affect how the game or event will end.

How to Bet on Sports Legally in New Jersey

When betting on sports whether online or in person, it is essential to keep your personal and banking information safe. To do this, make sure to check that the sportsbooks you are signing up for have the proper licensing from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. This will ensure that the company follows strict safety measures making them 100% legal, safe, and secure. This division also uses third party agents to confirm that the company is trustworthy and not trying to use deceptive practices. With the proper licensing from the state’s gambling commission you can rest assured that your personal data that is used to verify your identity and your banking information will stay out of the wrong hands.

How To Tell if a Sportsbook is Legal and Regulated

To choose a legal sportsbook, you can check the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement website to see which companies have a license. You can also check the website you want to bet at, they will state who issued their license. If it is from the NJ division the site will display the NJ seal. However, if the company does not have this seal it is not a legal New Jersey betting website and should be avoided.

Another way to know if a sportsbook is legal is to go with a well-known brand, so you know you are at a trustworthy site. Going with a site like this will make sure that your funds and bets are safe, which means you do not have to worry about the site closing in the middle of the night and taking your money.

How to Choose the Best Online Sportsbook in New Jersey

As mentioned earlier in this article, countless NJ online sportsbooks offer an extensive range of betting options. So, that leaves players with the question of which sports betting site they should choose. The best answer we can give is to consider your needs and wants in the following aspects:

Safety and Security

When you choose a legal NJ sportsbook, it is licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. With these regulations, the site has to follow strict rules to ensure its patrons are safe and to secure their personal data. Like we mentioned in the previous section, a legitimate site will display where they received their license. So, pay attention to how difficult it is to find this information on the company’s website.

Mobile App

The best sportsbook websites will also have a mobile app for its users to download on Android and iOS devices. After downloading the app and logging in, you should have access to everything available on the website. Some sportsbooks will also have a poker room and casino that you can play at with the same sportsbook account. Just follow the directions that show up when you are registering for an account on how to get the app on your device.

Rewards Program

Loyalty programs are a great way for sportsbooks to stand out from the competition and keep players at their site. With these systems you will earn points the more you play and you can use them to redeem different rewards such as free tickets, exclusive access to events, discounts from their store, and many more benefits.

Sports Coverage and Bet Types

One of the first things you should consider is the kind of sports markets you want to bet on and the bets you want to make. This aspect of sportsbooks is not too much of an issue in NJ because most of them have a large selection of sports leagues and teams you can bet on.

Bonuses and Promotions

With all the competition in New Jersey, sportsbooks have to try and get new customers to use their site. They do this by providing generous bonuses and promotions to new users that can allow them to play risk-free or with a match bonus in free bet credits. Whatever a company is offering, it is good to look around for different deals that could lead to you gaining a bigger bankroll.

Customer Support

Another thing to consider is the customer support team that the sportsbook provides. With a reputable company, it is not likely to have a lot of trouble making bets, but if you ever encounter one, it is good to know you will have great support just in case. Some sites have around-the-clock support via email, live chat, or phone. While others only provide support during business hours, either option is great as long as you are happy with the support provided.

Banking Methods

The payment methods a website accepts are also a vital thing to consider when it comes to choosing a sportsbook. Some sites only take a few options, and none of them may be your preferred method. For this reason, ensure that the available options have a method that you like to use and will work for you.

How to Start Placing Sports Bets Online in New Jersey

Starting to place sports bets in New Jersey is a straightforward process. However, you need to be at least 21 years old and within the state to make a wager. Below are the steps to take to make your first bet:

  1. Use Our Exclusive Links: Click on any of the included links on this page for the sportsbook you want; this will open a new window. Then, follow the instructions to start the registration process.
  2. Create Your Account: The website will ask you to enter your email address, allowing you to create your username and password. Once you have finished setting up your account, you can move to the next step by clicking, ‘Continue’.
  3. Verify Your Account: Going through the verification process is an important step; it ensures that users are not using a stolen identity. Most sportsbooks do this by filling out a form where you will enter your full name, date of birth, last four of your SSN, address, and phone number.
  4. Notification: If the sportsbook can verify your identity, they will send you a message stating that your account is confirmed. If the company could not verify your account, you will need to refill the personal details form. If this happens, check to make sure there were not any typos. If you still cannot verify your account, you will need to verify your account manually by uploading a copy of your ID and your social security card or a signed copy of your W9.
  5. Finishing Up: After you finish the verification process, read through the terms and conditions and confirm that you understand them. At this point, you also need to verify that you are 21 or older.
  6. Getting The App: If you also want to download the app of your chosen sportsbook, a button will appear after you finish registering to start the process. You can also use one of our provided links to download the mobile app.
  7. Adding Funds: Now that your account is set up, go to the ‘cashier’ section of your account to add funds with one of the accepted payment methods.
  8. Sign-up For The Welcome Bonus: Lastly, make the most of your time at the sportsbook and go to the promotions or offer page to claim your welcome bonus.


When did New Jersey start allowing sports betting?

In May of 2018, the Supreme Court declared that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was unconstitutional. This decision led Governor Philip Murphy to sign a sports betting act called the Sports Wagering Law in June 2018. A few days later Murphy made the first legal wager and sports betting has become a popular activity in the state since.

Can I legally bet on sports in New Jersey from my phone?

Yes, all regulated and licensed NJ online sportsbooks have mobile betting options for its users. You can either make bets from the sportsbook’s website using your phone’s browser or through the company’s mobile app. However, you need to be in the state of New Jersey with your device’s location services on to make bets.

Can I bet on college sports in New Jersey?

Yes, it is legal to bet on college sports; however, there are some restrictions you need to follow. You cannot bet on in-state college teams or any events that are associated with those teams. NJ bettors are also not permitted to wager on games and events that occur within the state.

How old do you have to be to bet on sports in New Jersey?

According to New Jersey law, you need to be at least 21 years old to register at a sportsbook and make bets on sporting events. This age requirement not only applies to online and in-person sports wagering services but also for any other players who participate within the state of NJ.